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SONAT 221 - Rembrandt

This material will give every object its very specific touch - have a look!

Category: antique, Exterior useage, beige, brown, Garden and Landscaping (GaLa), yellow, gold, light, Interior usage, Jura Marble

Purple slate - SONAT 500

A beautiful purple slate. Unfortunately only for interior use. (This product is not frost resistant)

Category: brushed, Interior usage, Slate, quarry rough, purple

Beige Limestone - SONAT 554

A very nice beige limestone. The sizes stocked can be combined.

Category: antique, beige, brushed, yellow, tumbled, light, Interior usage, Limestone

Dark grey Granite - SONAT 266

Granite with silver grey colors. - Have a look.

Category: Exterior useage, dark, Garden and Landscaping (GaLa), brushed, flammed, honed, Granite / Basalt, grey, polished, silver

Absolute Black Slate - SONAT 530

Brazilian slate with a very fine and flat structure. Color is 100% BLACK

Category: dark, brushed, Interior usage, Kitchen counters and wash tables, Slate, black, quarry rough

Black Slate - SONAT 521

This anthrazite (black) slate is often used in interior designing. A slate with a very nice structured surface.

Category: Exterior useage, dark, brushed, Interior usage, Kitchen counters and wash tables, Slate, black, quarry rough

Jura Marble - beige

Very rough surface which is slip resistant.

Category: Exterior useage, beige, Garden and Landscaping (GaLa), yellow, light, Interior usage, Jura Marble, Limestone, sandblasted, diamondblasted (fine blasted)

Sandstone Aurora - Rainbow Stone - SONAT 544

A very nice material which is very often used as decorative material in the garden.

Category: Exterior useage, multicolor, Garden and Landscaping (GaLa), brushed, yellow, light, Interior usage, rosé, Sandstone, quarry rough

Multicolor slate - SONAT 508

Multicolor slate with many colors. Very unique! Please take a look and compare the multicolor slate with our other multicolor slate SONAT 519.

Category: multicolor, Interior usage, Slate, quarry rough