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Jura Marble - beige

The vein cut Jura material is the most expensive surface. However there are strong sales due to the quality of texture and look.

Category: beige, yellow, honed, light, Interior usage, Jura Marble, Limestone, Kitchen counters and wash tables, Marble, polished

Black Granite - SONAT 267

Nice black Basalt.

Category: Exterior useage, Basalt, dark, Garden and Landscaping (GaLa), flammed, Granite / Basalt, Kitchen counters and wash tables, black

Wall panel black - SONAT 201

Wall panels - glue together. - Perfect for your wall. - Inside and outside.

Category: Exterior useage, dark, Garden and Landscaping (GaLa), Interior usage, Slate, black, quarry rough, Wall elements - wall panels

Jura Wall bricks - SONAT 211

Jura Stones - wild - for wall building in the garden.

Category: Exterior useage, beige, Garden and Landscaping (GaLa), light, Limestone

Kotah Limestone - green brown - SONAT 509

The limestone has a very natural look. The surface it quite even. - It is also available with an antique (tumbled) finish.

Category: Exterior useage, brown, dark, Garden and Landscaping (GaLa), brushed, green, Interior usage, Limestone, quarry rough

Yellow mixed Quartzite - SONAT 502

Yellow Quartzite for inside and outside. A very nice stone here shown with its tumbled surface.

Category: Exterior useage, beige, Garden and Landscaping (GaLa), yellow, tumbled, light, Quartzite, white

Rosé Quartzite - SONAT 503

A warm and friendly quartzite. - Nice surface and color variation. Light rosé.

Category: Exterior useage, Garden and Landscaping (GaLa), brushed, light, Interior usage, Quartzite, rosé, quarry rough, purple

Beige Limestone - SONAT 554

A very nice beige limestone. The sizes stocked can be combined.

Category: antique, beige, brushed, yellow, tumbled, light, Interior usage, Limestone

Solnhofener Natural Stone - Fossilstone

To some people the brushed surface looks even better than the quarry rough surface - although there is no difference. However it is definitely easier to clean.

Category: beige, brushed, yellow, light, Interior usage, Kitchen counters and wash tables, Solnhofener Natural Stone (Fossilstone), quarry rough, Wall elements - wall panels