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Jura Limestone - SONAT 215

Jura Stones - perfect for garden and landscape usages.

Category: Exterior useage, beige, Garden and Landscaping (GaLa), light, Limestone

Dark grey Granite - SONAT 266

Granite with silver grey colors. - Have a look.

Category: Exterior useage, dark, Garden and Landscaping (GaLa), brushed, flammed, honed, Granite / Basalt, grey, polished, silver

Green Slate - SONAT 575

Our green slate 525 with a honed surface. - The alternative would be quarry rough and brushed.

Category: honed, grey, green, light, Interior usage, Slate

Limestone Miros - La Perla - SONAT 556

A white Limestone with a very noble surface. With its brushed surface by far more slip resistant.

Category: brushed, honed, gratined, light, Interior usage, Limestone, Marble, polished, white

Jura Marble - grey

Jura Mable in grey with a honed surface. - It just looks nice.

Category: honed, grey, Interior usage, Jura Marble, Limestone, Kitchen counters and wash tables, Marble

Mint Sandstone - SONAT 510

A stone perfect for your garden. - please take a look.

Category: Exterior useage, beige, Garden and Landscaping (GaLa), brushed, yellow, light, Sandstone, quarry rough

Grey Slate - SONAT 566

Our grey slate SONAT 516 with honed surface. An alternative perhaps would be our SONAT 516 with a brushed surface.

Category: honed, grey, light, Interior usage, Slate

Jura Marble - grey

A surface which is normally used as a facade covering. - However, sometimes also as flooring material.

Category: Exterior useage, Garden and Landscaping (GaLa), bushhammered, grey, Jura Marble, Limestone

Alta Quartzite - SONAT 506

Green Quartzite from the north. Very fine structure and very nice color variation. For inside as well as for outside.

Category: Exterior useage, Garden and Landscaping (GaLa), brushed, green, light, Interior usage, Quartzite, quarry rough